95m2 Mobile Camp Room Ø11m | Camp At the Valley of Youth


Our team invites you to dive into the adventure, where we will experience what is a real refuge of nature with rain, sun, mud and water. We will meet with secrets outside and treasures inside.
Not only new friends, new experiences, adventures and trials await you, but also encountering unexpected challenges, your fears.

Spend your days AND NIGHTS in a wonderful environment where time does not count, where there is no computer, no phone, no virtual reality. You are surrounded by wild nature and your peers, with whom you will experience various trials and victories, with whom you will have the opportunity to get to know and test yourself. It’s not just team games in the field or relay races – it’s challenges on hikes in a real forest, it’s all the senses on a night hike, independent living in your own tent, cooking together and, of course, evenings by the night campfire under the open starry sky.


A common harmonious time awaits you in a circle of like-minded people. And also various exercises, yoga, experiential hiking, meditation, delicious vegetarian food, breathing exercises, art and sound therapy, swimming in the pond, mindfulness practices, songs by the fire, self-massage and sauna. We will live in the tents we brought or whoever wants to live in a dome on the homestead territory, so we can be closer to nature.


Therefore, the goal of the camp is the opening of the modern child, teenager. First of all for yourself. Discover and EXPERIENCE SINCERENESS – not only in a circle of friends, but especially in unplanned situations (for example, volunteering to help really lonely, often elderly, residents of the neighborhood or helping a friend on a hike when you are very tired).

The duration of the camp (7 days) was chosen deliberately. This duration is determined by the processes taking place in the child’s consciousness, with the corresponding dynamics.
First of all, being in natural nature itself, direct contact with nature and its rhythms act as a means of health. Activities, teamwork, independence develop social adaptation.
And all this together forms the value backbone/value criteria of a young person, which will help to choose after the camp and to understand more clearly what is acceptable to him and what is not.
Creative, enthusiastic, responsible managers and volunteers help in this implementation of our idea.


* Living in tents
* In the morning, we will wake up our bodies with exercises
* Day and night hikes, obstacle course
* We will play fun team games, relays in nature
* We will swim and have fun in the pond
* We will learn self-defense
* We will experience the subtleties of survival in nature
* We will shoot from a bow, and not only…
* Creative workshop
* We will explore the night sky, get acquainted with the kingdoms of plants and minerals
* We will bathe in the sauna
* An evening of meaningful films
* Goal setting, challenge days
* Talent evening, brainstorming and interactive activities
* And not only…

Public institution yoga and aikido studio “Visata”, we organize not only yoga and aikido, sound therapy classes, experiential hikes for children, adults and families. We also conduct healthy lifestyle and active recreation camps for children, youth and adults, take care of children’s and adults’ education, meaningful employment during holidays and weekends.

We are engaged in creating meaningful, active and creative free time for children, youth and adults.

We, Dalius and Jurgita Valančiauskai, are the founders and managers of the yoga and aikido studio “Visata”. For more than twenty years, we have been interested in and participated in alternative education projects, accumulated and shared experience in various camps for children and adults. We studied and taught children in the experimental school of humanistic pedagogy in Tekos. For seven years, we have been active creators and members of the National School community, learning and sharing our experience and gaining new experience at these children’s summer camps.