Event dome tents are the perfect alternative to all the typical event solutions such as marquees. Their unmistakable and unique shape, as well as the intricate framework of the structure, create an incredible sense of space, ensuring a distinguished venue and setting, and being an effective part of your marketing strategy.

Geodesic domes of class LUX are in a perfect condition and are ideal for any family or corporate events. Moreover, we can build a geodesic dome of your dreams that would be in any desirable type or shape!

Invite your guests into a whole new setting, with the captivating architecture of our domes’ interior, we can assure that the event will turn into a truly unique and memorable experience for everyone. GEODOMAS dome tents offer you the unique opportunity to go beyond the standard solutions and present your company and products in an exuberant way.

Here you can see examples of completed works from the PORTFOLIO CATALOG

In our store you will find full kits of domes, as well as individual components. Your order online will be preliminaries, our manager will contact you to clarify all the details of the order. Select the kit you are interested in and ask for a price from the manager.


The geodesic dome method allows you to create a light, well protected and very stable space. The main advantage of geodesic domes is the even distribution of stresses in all frame nodes.
EVENT Domes do not require any columns, load walls or columns inside to allow the customers to use the maximum available area. By using steel structural elements structure becomes sustainable in terms of weather factors and loads.

  • The structures can be connected with tunnel paths;
  • The cluster of connected domes creates an extraordinary sense of scope, allowing the event infrastructure to be categorized by theme using different designs;
  • We offer most popular colored powered coatings;

Each geodesic dome structure is designed according to load calculations. This in turn ensures safety and durability. Our structural engineers can calculate the maximum loads of the equipment suspended by the geodesic dome of regional norms


For geodesic dome covers we use the highest quality PVC tent fabrics. All our fabrics are certified and meet European Quality and Fire Resistance Standards.
Detachable dome coating is known for its strengths and long service life. Due to the frequent weaving, the material is resistant to punctures, scratches and cuts. It is very easy to keep the dome covers clean.
GEODOMAS durable covers are available in a variety of colors, resistant to mold and mildew, protected from UV rays and fire resistant. All fabrics have certifications to fire-retardancy NFP 92507: M2 ; DIN 4102: B1; EN 13501-1: B-s2-d0, BS 7837.

  • The upper part of a cover is fitted with self-ventilated chambers;
  • Triangular ZIP windows – windows are fastened with zippers and there is a detachable mesh against insects inside;
  • We offer many colors;

Crystal clear film for use in event, catering and commercial tents. Various strengths are available, which are also available in flame-retardant versions. Burning behavior DIN 4102: B2, NFP 92507: M2

  • Temperature range: from -20 ° C to + 80 ° C;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Enhanced privacy;

Our gravity ventilation system creates correct air circulation inside the dome.

  • Triangular ZIP windows – PVC tent windows are fastened with zippers. There is a detachable mesh against insects inside.
  • The upper part of a dome is fitted with self-ventilated chambers.

Ground Screws are a high performance solution to all your ground anchor needs. They are precisely adjustable, storm proof, suitable for all types of ground, resonably priced and easy to remove and re-use.

The Ground Screws are installed, using a number of different screwing aids and machines. Perfectly perpendicular and at the exact point in a matter of minutes. This new screw – in foundation system is not only suitable for natural ground, but also for dense, and even tarred surfaces. Applications are countless, from securing garden umbrellas, windy dryers and fences; to carports, flag poles and traffic signs. Solar panel systems, advertising boards and even outdoor buildings for events and expositions are quickly and easily erected and removed.


Mobile Floor An innovative flooring system is characterised by exceptional durability and quick assembly.

Stable base for every event Mobile Floor is based on a Aluminum frame that maps the shape of the perimeter of the tent and is fixed with the structure of the dome. The floor itself serves as ballast and reduces tominimum the amount of additional weight required to keep the structure down.

Safety and functionality Entire construction is protected against corrosion by zinc coating. Floor surface is made of waterproof plywood with anti-slippery layer in brown or gray colour. Plywood is produced using materials that meet European standards for fire-retardancy.

Solid mounting on the ground The system enables mounting of the dome structure to the ground with steel pegs or with ballast weights located beneath the surface of the floor, which excludes the use of
unaesthetic loads outside the dome.


Raised floor (double floor) used when are no possibilities to install vent shafts, wires and other electricity elements into the walls or ceiling. They are very useful where a technical flexibility is needed.

Fully reachable subterranean spaces let easily put electric and hydraulic equipment without using any stonework. Due to it’s mobillity, became very easy to plan new work places with phone lines, computers and lighting.

The raised floor for interiors has been specially designed to provide a rational answer to the continual need for the flexibility required by technological innovation in places where there is a high concentration of process plant, like offices, data processing centers and the advanced services-producing sector.

Double floor refers tothe floor to raise the 100 cm and their control + / – 25 mm. above the existing floors of electric, machine, semiconductor handling room and offices. Due to its height, various electric and communication wires may be installed in between the floors without extra installation of pipes and wire trays. ISO 9001 / ISO 14001


Stages are becoming more and more creative. Create your own unique stage from a Dome structure. Dome structures can be adapted into a stage by providing the structure with support racks. The framework for your stage will take shape immediately. You can then style and finish the stage according to your plans.

Dome stages can also be fitted with a cover or DJ cover.

Of course, we can also supply freestanding structures without cover to create a separate festival area.


Door System
We have different types of doors for choice in various colors and materials:

  • Standard (square) plastic doors
  • Aluminum doors
  • French type doors (with glasses)
  • Doors can be adjusted into round shape so-called 0-door.
  • Round doors (0-doors) can be connected with other domes (Modul system) with tunnels.
  • Doors type & dimensions can be individually adjusted.

Fulldome cinema has become increasingly popular in recent years because advances in projection technology and dome construction have made fulldome cinema more accessible to a broader range of applications.

We is delivering scalable immersive fulldome cinema solutions and also provides fullservice from concept development, movie consulting, design to installation, technical and event support and maintenance. Fixed installations as well as rental solutions for many different applications are available:

  • Events and Trade Shows
  • Theme Parks, Amusement Parks
  • Planetariums, Science Centers
  • Visitor Centers
  • Simulation and Training

Soundproofing is a specialism that revolves around effectively controlling unwanted noise, with various soundproofing materials used to mitigate the effects of noise.

In fact, there are a myriad of soundproofing materials that one can choose from to apply to different uses

ACOUSTIC MEMBRANE Provide superior soundproofing performance with long life-cycles and without off-gassing. a single layer can provide equivalent soundproofing to multiple layers of standard solution

Some are more suitable or effective than others, which greatly depends on the type of noise created, the source of the noise, the structure of the building, wall construction, and various other key factors.

Soundproofing materials work to reduce the sound pressure created from the source to the receptor.


With a wealth of experience, our friendly sales team are on hand to advise you on our latest products and recommended systems that meet with your requirements.

No matter what size project you are undertaking, GEODOMAS can offer for stage equipment a range of lighting systems to suit all kinds of budget.

No show or venue is complete without Lighting & Stage Effects Equipment, we offers the best service and selection for professionals, do-it-yourselfers and local bands. From Fog & Atmospheric effects to Lighting Rigs and Control, LED Video Walls, right down to the classic Disco Ball, we are your one-stop resource for Lighting and Effects Equipment including pro-quality gear, VR virtual reality & kinetics systems. Our subcontractors is standing for your needs and budget.


Our proprietary stage decks (known as G-DECKS) are comprised of 6061 T6 custom extrusion, and are engineered to accommodate than the required all equipment. Versatility was the key ingredient when designing our staging system, allowing our clients to build their design around standard rental gear. Our stock inventory permits our clients to stay within a required budget making a visionary rendering tangible.


Structural frame is extremely stable and robust, allowing the suspension of A/V equipment in the form of lamps, projectors and sound systems.
At the request of our Customers, we can provide domes with a full audio and lighting equipment.

The entire equipment may be fixed to circular or straight trusses attached to structure’s knots, which is an aesthetic and functional solution.

Both trusses and knots may be used to suspend any type of equipment, banners, projection screens allowing unlimited possibilities of space use. Our
large structures are designed to handle up to additional 1500 kg weight loads.


Using the latest digital technology, we can brand your tent with whatever brand or artwork that you require. Guaranteed to grab your customers attention!

It’s an easy and effective way to brand your company logo in a unique way. Display your logo, company colors or slogan anywhere across the tent.

An easy and effective way to create a unique and eye catching display. Showcase your logo, company colors or slogan anywhere across the tent. Each inflatable dome comes with product options, variations and is fully customizable.


A corporate event can be defined as a gathering that is sponsored by a business for its employees, business partners, clients and/or prospective clients. These events can be for larger audiences such as conventions or smaller events like conferences, meetings or holiday parties.


LED UV-C disinfection system is available in 50W – 200W configurations, suitable for any size indoor space.  Rotatable LED UV-C modules focuses disinfecting light on targeted surfaces with accuracy while saving energy vs quartz based UV-C pressurized gas tubes.  Long life with advanced features such as 360 degree motion sensors, remote control via any web connected device and automatic shutoff provides a safety and ease of use.  No harmful mercury or ozone.

  • Instant, invisible bacteria exterminator
  • Anti-microbial disinfection 99.9% effective
  • Inherent timer controls with buzzer alarm
  • Motion detector with automatic shutoff
  • Easy to transport and store
  • No mercury or ozone