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Klaipėda district Priekulė Ieva Simonaitytė high school – full-time, self-learning general education school in Priekulė, Klaipėdos st. 20, carrying out primary, basic, secondary and additional education programs.

Outdoor Classroom Dome: Comprehensive Product Description

The Outdoor Classroom Dome is an excellent choice for schools, kindergartens, and other educational and sports institutions aiming to provide students with a unique and comfortable learning and recreational environment. These modern and functional structures allow students to learn close to nature throughout the year, regardless of weather conditions.

Fully insulated, these domes create a warm, safe, and cozy space even in temperatures as low as -20°C, making them ideal for organizing outdoor classes and activities. They are suitable for both regular learning and meeting special needs throughout the year. Furthermore, these structures promote students’ health, creativity, and motivation.

Our dome structures encompass not only educational classrooms but also kitchens, laboratories, botanical gardens, pavilions, greenhouses, children’s playgrounds, and more. By addressing contemporary educational and recreational needs, we implement unique educational and entertainment environments that nurture future leaders and encourage education and creativity.


The innovative design of the learning environment offered by glamping domes creates an inspiring learning space that fosters creativity, exploration, and learning in a natural context. Due to their high insulation properties, these structures can be used year-round, allowing schools to organize outdoor learning at any time of the year. Diversifying the learning environment enables domes to be adapted for various educational activities, including natural sciences, art, experiments, and practical training, as well as organizing therapeutic or adapted sessions for students with special needs.

Domes not only provide an aesthetically appealing learning environment but also adhere to environmental conservation principles, as they can be built with minimal impact on nature. Educational experimentation encourages students to experiment with new learning methods and technologies, as domes can be equipped with modern learning technologies such as interactive screens, sensory technologies, or specific learning programs.

Besides learning, glamping domes can also be used as community spaces for parent meetings, cultural events, or other social activities, promoting collaborative projects. The aesthetically appealing design, which attracts the attention of students and the community, and the ability to integrate modern technologies increase the efficiency and adaptability of learning processes.

These modern structures provide students with unique experiences that can break the boundaries of traditional learning environments and encourage creativity and innovation. Dome outdoor classrooms allow schools to create unique and favorable learning environments that promote student activity, creativity, and well-being, contributing to their education and future readiness.

Domes are eco-friendly and durable, suitable for year-round use in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C. They can be built on any foundation, are insulated, and create a comfortable, dry, and cozy space both in summer and winter. The domes come with electrical installations, ventilation, and air heating systems (“air-to-air”), making them fully functional and suitable for year-round use.

Domes are certified and moisture-insulated, meeting all safety and quality requirements. They provide schools with the opportunity to organize various events, conferences, seminars, and other activities, contributing to the enhancement of students’ health, motivation, and well-being. Domes are a modern and ecological solution that meets contemporary educational needs and promotes an innovative learning environment.


Additional Specifications

Dome Installation:

  • The dome must be installed no later than two months from the date of contract signing and handed over to the client.
  • The dome must be insulated, moisture-resistant, and suitable for all seasons.

Construction, Frame, and Cover:

  • Floor area not less than 50 m², base Ø8 m, height 4 m.
  • Frame made of galvanized steel pipe, wall thickness not less than 2 mm.
  • Outer cover made of 60% PVC, resistant to UV rays and fros


Foundation and Floor:

  • Foundations made of U-type screw piles.
  • Floor construction from dried, impregnated wood.
  • Floor insulation: Thermal membrane combined with mineral wool or foam.
  • Subfloor from OSB boards, not less than 22 mm thick.

Entrance and Doors:

  • Single doors made of PVC profile with partial glass filling.
  • Additional mechanical open door holder installed at the bottom of the door.
  • Rain canopy not narrower than 300 mm installed above the door.
  • Ramp for dome entrance installed as needed.

Dome insulated with thermoflex insulation.

  • Gap of at least 80 mm between the dome cover and insulation membrane.
  • Interior finish from impregnated textiles.

Floor Covering:

  • Heterogeneous PVC floor covering, wear resistance class 33, slip resistance R10.

Electrical and Equipment:

  • Electrical panel installation according to regulations, 220V circuit breakers, three blocks of 3 sockets, light switch.
  • LED lighting installed inside the dome.
  • Air circulation system with electric turbines.
  • Air conditioner-heat pump (“air-to-air”).

General Requirements

  • The dome must be certified and moisture-insulated.
  • Usable at temperatures from -15°C to +45°C.
  • PVC fabric must comply with EN ISO 2286-2 requirements.
  • Supplier provides user manual and 36-month warranty.
  • During the warranty period, the supplier ensures free repairs.
  • Installation work carried out by professional specialists, ensuring quality and safety.

Dome constructions not only provide a comfortable and functional space for students but also demonstrate their advanta


We offer comprehensive design services, from idea to realization. Each project begins with a concept, continues with the design and preparation of dome project documentation, and ends with an implementation plan and details. During the project, we check the value of the investment by stage and prepare an implementation schedule.

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