Our domes can save you up to over fifty percent when on standard (on the grid) electrical and gas hookups. This saves you tons of money for years to come! All our domesare wood frame construction for the shell, so you have better insulation for even more savings on heating and cooling, in all types of climates

Our geodesic domes withstand severe inclement weather all over the world, better than the standard box type construction, including snow loads, tornadoes and hurricanes, making them a safe and secure place to live. After all, can you think of anything stronger than interlocking triangles?

Quick-build Geodesic dome kit home is ideal for the in-experienced “do-it-yourselfer”. Only basic hand tools are required to assemble the basic kit.
Pre-Fabricated Dome frame Components. Offers are arranged by delivery of the basic dome package – the manufactured and special designed products.

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