28m² Outdoor Classroom Ø6m dome | "Žilvinėlio" kindergarten


Vilnius “Žilvinėlio” nursery-kindergarten, located in Vilnius. In the Justiniškii microdistrict, it opened its doors to children in 1986. and was called the 49th nursery-kindergarten. In 1988, the name of “Žilvinėlis” nursery-kindergarten was granted.

Main types of activities: early childhood, preschool and pre-school education. The children are educated according to the early, pre-school and pre-school education programs of the “Žilvinėlis” nursery-kindergarten, as well as the international “Friends of Zipis” program.


A functioning gymnasium with an additional glamping outdoor classroom opens up new opportunities for students to learn and grow in a close natural environment. This new space makes it possible to organize not only lessons, but also informal educational activities, promoting creativity, student health and motivation. Glamping outdoor class provides coziness and comfort in all seasons, guaranteeing safety and comfort even in extreme weather conditions. It is a modern and ecological solution that meets modern educational needs and promotes an innovative teaching environment.

1. Expanding educational opportunities: The introduction of outdoor classrooms and glamping domes allows schools to extend the learning environment into nature, providing students with unique and inspiring learning experiences at all times of the year.
2. Encouraging extracurricular activities: Such learning spaces encourage creativity, exploration and experimentation with new learning methods and technologies.
3. Functionality: Glamping domes are insulated and fully insulated, making them suitable for use in all seasons from very cold to very warm weather.
4. Supporting health and well-being: Such structures help to strengthen the health, motivation and well-being of students by creating a conducive learning environment.
5. Ecological sustainability: Glamping domes comply with the principles of environmental conservation, as they can be built with minimal impact on nature, contributing to the school’s sustainable development.
6. Opportunities for various activities: They can be adapted to various learning activities, including science, art, experiments and hands-on learning, as well as organizing activities adapted for children with special needs.
7. Cultural and community events: Glamping domes can be used not only for educational purposes, but also as community spaces where parent meetings, cultural events and other social activities are organized.
8. Aesthetics and appeal: The design of these structures is modern and aesthetically appealing, which can attract the attention of students and the community.
9. Technology integration: Glamping domes can be equipped with modern learning technologies, such as interactive screens or sensory technologies, increasing the efficiency and adaptability of learning processes.
10. Distinctiveness and inspiring experiences: These state-of-the-art structures provide students with unique experiences that can push the boundaries of traditional learning environments and foster creativity and innovation.

All these features and advantages allow schools to create unique and supportive learning environments that promote students’ activity, creativity and well-being, contributing to their education and future preparation.


It is very important for a modern child to leave a bored class or group to another learning space.

The outdoor classroom will become one of the motivational tools for learning in other spaces, under the canopy, sitting as if outside, but in the heat. Under different conditions that reveal different possibilities.
Children are our future. We can take care of their education and an engaging learning environment with non-standard solutions. A modern dome is a great way to do this. An interesting atmosphere that changes the established standards.


We offer comprehensive design services, from idea to realization. Each project begins with a concept, continues with the design and preparation of dome project documentation, and ends with an implementation plan and details. During the project, we check the value of the investment by stage and prepare an implementation schedule.

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