Flying Spheres - Living Future in the Skies | ArmanKala 60m Flying Bar

Welcome to ArmanKala – a symbol of innovation and energy efficiency!

Imagine a dream city floating in the air at an altitude of 1500 meters. This grand project is the result of collaboration between the GEODOMAS team and leading global specialists. ArmanKala is not just a building; it is a majestic structure where cutting-edge technology, sustainable development, and comfort merge.

The ArmanKala project represents the pinnacle of innovation in aerial living spaces with a spectacular 60-meter diameter flying bar. This enormous sphere combines luxury and functionality, creating an extraordinary experience for its visitors.

Key Features of ArmanKala Flying Bar

Multifunctional Flying Sphere:

  • Diameter: 60 meters.
  • Suspension Height: 1500 meters.
  • Total Volume: 113,097 m³.
  • Aerostatic Lift Capacity: 886 kN (90,300 kg).
  • Visibility: The illuminated surface of the sphere is visible within a radius of 12 km around the ground station, as huge and bright as the moon.

Unique Innovations:

  • Cables and Ropes: Made from lightweight liquid crystal polymer with a breaking load of 154 tons, ensuring reliable and safe suspension of the sphere.
  • Gondolas: Two aerodynamic gondolas with stabilizing tail fins carry visitors at 50 km/h to the “lunar” viewing platform, which is at a height five times the size of the Eiffel Tower. The daily 2,500 visitors experience a gently shaking partially glazed platform with a breathtaking panoramic view at the “South Pole” of the moon. For those seeking a higher vantage point, an elevator takes them to the open “North Pole” at the top of the sphere, where they can enjoy unforgettable impressions at a bar.

Comfort and Convenience:

  • Observation Decks: Upper and lower decks with telescopes and a bar for unforgettable experiences.
  • Temperature Comfort: Constant temperature of +23°C year-round in all premises.
  • BRS System: Parachute system for all main components, ensuring safety in emergency situations.

Ground or Mooring Station:

  • Design: A circular building with a diameter of 120 meters, hemispherically covered with diaphragm-like elements. These elements follow the wind, always keeping an open path for the connecting ropes, making the colossal-filigree building appear like the moving eye of a chameleon.
  • Functionality: For maintenance or during a storm, the elements of the hemisphere can enclose and secure the whole lifting body. Visitor access and exit are through submerged, transparent tubes. As a counterweight and pivot bearing with minimized friction, a huge aquarium contrasts the attraction.

High Technology and Safety:

  • Video Surveillance: Gyrostabilized high-resolution cameras to monitor large areas.
  • Communication and Connectivity: Telecommunication equipment providing telephone and internet communications with minimal harmful radiation.
  • LIDAR System: Precise 3D wind movement models in real-time for safe complex operation.

ArmanKala is a step into the future, where innovation and sustainable development form the basis for creating new cities. We offer you a unique opportunity to touch advanced technologies and enjoy unparalleled views at an altitude of 1500 meters. Feel on top of the world with ArmanKala!

ArmanKala – the future is now.

Innovative Flying Homes: The Future of Housing Construction

In today’s world, innovations and technologies are opening new horizons in the field of housing construction. One of the most impressive new developments is the flying home in the form of spheres, with diameters ranging from 10 to 20 meters. These unique structures combine the comfort of a modern home with the mobility of an air balloon, offering an entirely new way of living.

Design and Structure
Flying spherical homes have diameters ranging from 10 to 20 meters and are multi-layered constructions that include several floors. Inside each home, all necessary amenities for comfortable living are provided, including bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and leisure areas. The construction is made of lightweight yet durable materials, allowing the sphere to be easily lifted and lowered.

Functionality and Application
Each sphere is placed in a special ground docking station, which serves as a parking base. In good weather, the sphere house can be lifted by cables to heights over 100 meters, providing its residents with stunning views of the surrounding area. This is an ideal place for meditation, relaxation, and nature observation.

In adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds, the sphere automatically descends back to the ground dock, ensuring the safety of its residents. In the event of global catastrophes, such as a worldwide flood, the cables can be cut, and the sphere house will become a floating refuge capable of drifting to new lands.
Eco-friendliness and Energy Efficiency

Flying spherical homes are designed with ecological sustainability in mind. They are equipped with solar panels and rainwater collection systems, making them completely autonomous. The use of renewable energy sources minimizes environmental impact and reduces operational costs.


Our team actively participated in the development of EXPO 2017, starting from 2012, working on the concept. We were the first to present solutions to the EXPO committee, which later became the basis of the “EXPO 2017” project.


At „Geodomas“, we strive to stay at the forefront of current trends by spearheading a unique passenger drone project. Our visionary endeavor is designed to accommodate 4 to 8 individuals and boasts a fully aerodynamic structure with a panoramic 360-degree view.