Zoo Safari Borysew @ Big Geodesic Domes Ø34m H12m


The biggest Geodesic Domes in Europe and Asia Complex, which was designed for the youngest visitors.

The largest tent, an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters is playfully with the Bar Lunch and a mezzanine, with the amount of which has panoramic views of the zoo.
Connected with this place are two more tents. One is a professionally equipped sakla education, in other toilets.

Icosahedron geometry dome pavilions – dome in Poland. Dome is covered by white PVC tarpaulin material with transparent PVC tarpaulin for panoramic windows. Three entrances are installed with O-door system.


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Additional Info

Object page: Zoo Safari Borysew
Object address: Borysew 25, 99-200 Poddębice, Polska
Technologies: Steel frame elements, Steel hubs, Glass window, Membrane cover, Thermo membrane
Project date: 2010-2012
Floor area, m2: 1200
Cover area, m2: 1900
Geometry type: Icosahedron




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