QUADRATDOME tennis court roof

Protect your tennis court with our tennis court covers. We have the widest range of covers made of the best materials for superior strength performance …

We manufacture and assemble various types of façades, roofs, structures, buildings and their elements. According to the client’s architectural drawings or Technical Plan. We prepare partial Work Plans for the façade (or complete Technical Plans and Work Plans), the system, the construction, approvals, and waterproofing and condensation solutions.

Energy Performance Certificates present the energy efficiency of dwellings on a scale of A to G (newly constructed buildings will have to correspond to class A). Domes fire rating of Class A or Class B roof.

We calculate static loads, prepare technical as well as work projects. We can install, help to organize the arrangement or to train the assembly technology of our designed or produced products.

Whether you are seeking an alternative living environment, or a dynamic personal studio for writing, art, or performance, step into the natural flow that only a custom designed geodesic dome can offer; domes offer an experience that is sure to revive, enhance and unleash your creative flow. Our eco domes are built easily and quickly, reducing construction costs, using the least amount of resources to enclose space, and are uniquely affordable–allowing you to live mortgage-free.

The installation of all the proposed types of supports is simple; we provide clients with drawings. We install, or help to organize the installation.



The GEODOMAS Team will gladly answer any questions you might have and offer their creativity and experience to come up with the best solution for your project. Do not hestitate. Get in touch!


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