50m2 Mobile school Room Ø8m | Ieva Simonaitytė of Priekule School


1590 A parish school started operating in Priekulė. Before the Second World War, until 1939 a Lithuanian high school was operating.

in 1939 March 20 Germany occupied Klaipėda region. Priekulė’s Lithuanian primary school was also closed.

in 1945 In autumn, a pro-gymnasium was opened in Priekulė. Its leader was Stasys Jankus. Immediately after the war (1945), a primary school was established in Priekulė. 16 students attended the first lesson. 1944-1945 75 students of grades I-IV graduated. Four-class sets were in operation. In difficult conditions, the school performed its tasks. The first meeting of the teachers’ council of Priekulė pro-gymnasium took place in 1945. October 9 In the same year, the teacher S. Jankus was appointed the head of the education department of Priekulė village.

in 1967 an extension of 14 classrooms was built, and in 1977 An annex of 16 classes with a gym and a canteen.

Graduated from the school were Doctor of Science Domas Kaunas (14th edition), painter Linas Jankus (11th edition), sculptor Dalia Matulaitė (8th edition), sculptor Jonas Meškelevičius (15th edition), poet Paulina Žemgulytė (8th edition). oji show), equestrian masters: Edmundas Klimovas, Zigmas Šarka, Gediminas Bardauskas, Viktoras Mažeika, Pranas Milkintas and others.


The idea of the class was science, observations, experiments, but next to that, all other classes can do this, for example, the elementary students have some laboratory equipment that they can use in the outdoor classroom


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