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Legalett’s GEO-Slab Frost Protected Shallow Foundations ICF & Air-Heated Radiant Floor System is a simple concept:

The Legalett radiant heat system circulates warm air through a network of air piping cast into the insulated monolithic concrete slab foundation which is custom engineered to the building specification. Air is the only heat transport medium, traveling through a closed-circuit, transferring all its dissipated energy in an even, gentle, silent, safe and leak-free manner – far superior to hydronic radiant heating systems. The GEO-Slab insulated concrete slab foundation provides the optimized thermal mass for heat storage and delivery throughout the building in a controlled manner – providing comfort economically.


GEO-Slab Insulated Foundations are ideal for all types of construction including:

  • Residential construction
  • Townhouses
  • Schools
  • Day Care Facilities
  • Assembly Buildings
  • Industrial & Commercial Buildings
  • Healthcare & Assisted Living Facilities

The foundations are incorporated in the engineered structural concrete slab.

  • GEO-Slab insulated foundations float on a double layer of high density rigid polystyrene for optimum insulation.
  • It rests on a well-drained layer of crushed stone to insulate from soil humidity and remove the possibility of mold formation.
  • The Slab On Grade design is engineered for frost protection. See our Frost-Line Simulation Video to see how this works.
  • Frost walls are not required – saving both time and money during construction.



We ship resort structures around the world for all kinds of purposes. No matter where your resort or camp is located – whether on water, rocks, desert, sand, grassy plains, tropical beach, ice field or dense rainforest – we will ensure that it is designed, built and built to be environmentally and economically sustainable, secure and durable.

Additional Info

Object page:legalett.lt
Object address:LITEXPO
Technologies:Wood frame
Project date:2009
Floor area, m2:28
Cover area, m2:56
Geometry type:Icosahedron




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